About Us


We are AP Performance (Alpha Project Performance).


We exist to provide people with the tools necessary to bridge the gap between who they are and who they want to be. the stronger & healthier version of themselves they thought was impossible.


Born from the grit of an athletes vision, our legacy ignites a future where world class products propel every soul to unleash their inner alpha. Empowering all with boundless potential.


The AP family is committed to your growth, performance and creating a powerful & supportive community for all.


AP Performance is led by:

  • Nathan Giles - Founder, CEO & Creative Director
  • Lauren Pickett - Chief Financial Officer
  • Jordan Bown - Chief Brand Officer
  • Roxane Liu - Chief Supply Chain Officer



1. Do right, fear nothing 

Our commitment to honesty & respect means always doing the right thing


2. Tenacity is everything

Relentless in all we do.


3. Family first



4. Fearlessly authentic

Embrace our hearts & minds; vulnerability, transparency & integrity.